Experiences : The Lifetime Guide

As a child of 7 or so, I wondered a lot, when I saw the contrast between a very small child and a fully grown adult. But gradually as I grew up in a surrounding, seeing small children growing right from infancy, I understood and accepted that experiences are the lessons that are true lifelines we have, to be used in future anytime.

As a child after coming from a mother’s womb besides breathing and feeding, I guess that we barely know anything and from that stage, an eternal journey of collecting experiences begins that terminates on death.

We learn to interpret actions, utter words, read & write, walk-run-ride, sing & dance and every other thing that we can do today and would be able to do tomorrow, does not come suddenly to us but actually, it unfolds a trail of many failed attempts which were not literally failures but in the true sense, they were the stepping stones toward success.

As a child, every time we took a step to walk but fell, then it was not a waste but an accomplishment of our efforts, will and dedication towards our goal. And wonderfully this reality does not get diluted with time and space because whatsoever stage we are in our life, every step that we take, every decision we make, do count irrespective of its consequence, because it teaches us a life lesson and now it becomes our responsibility to get the best out of it, to understand it and absorb it for our future use just as the references in the book do to us.

Anytime a problem comes while reading a book, we refer to the summary having all the pre-learnt lessons in the most precise and concise way which can be directly implemented to reach the solution, in the same way, our memory stores life experiences that guide us through the life problems which can pop up anytime-anywhere.

Here I recall some beautiful words by Sherrilyn Kenyon, “Life is a tapestry woven by the decisions we make.” None is perfect, everyone commits mistakes but the one who is not the repeater is the real perfectionist.

Experiences sometimes are beyond our control, they can be good or bad, negative or positive but eventually what matters is that they are significant to our lives because these are experiences only, that shape our mindset, decide our outlook on life, and change the way we see things & perceive this world and hence largely influences our actions. I would like to stop with these words of R.W. Emerson

“Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

By Aman Saini