Importance of Counselling for Drug Addicts

For past decades there is a tendency of drug addiction and influences which causes a massive distraction in the life of peeps which will lead to severe conditions prompting death. Some so many people are addicted to drugs in any form such as Ganja which not only ruins the future of their loving families but their present as well. Here at this stage,  Counselling for preventing the drug takers from this forced addiction is much needed.  As it is said that `Prevention is better than cure, it is necessary to stop this at the earliest. This can only be felt by those families who lost their beloved to drug addiction. Their loss can never be healed.  According to a study Of AIIMS, it is found that Counsellors are the ones who can make their efforts to let this stop.

There are many Counsellors conducting counselling sessions to provide mental support to all those out thereby helping them with Talk therapy and psychological Counselling.  The drug is not fun, it must be taken seriously because once a person gets addicted, it is too difficult for them as well as their body to adapt to another environment. Counselling helps the patient by changing from an earlier mindset which is thirsty for drugs to a new informative mindset through creating awareness about the dangerous effects of these drugs on the body of human beings. The ways which the counsellor suggests the patient or drug takers are to spend more and more time with their family members and indulging in activities and  Confining people to talk to those people who are their well-wishers and caretakers, those who support them to get freedom from their bad acts. Motivation by the counsellor can change one’s life.

Counselling on Drug addiction is therefore much needed in today’s time. Recently one actor and one actress are arrested by the Police in consultancy of assault ganja found at their hotel in Maharashtra. It is so shocking to see all such news and this counselling must be increased on a big platform so that all those who are involved in such fraudulent activities can get the adverse effect of the drug. Counselling can bring a  drastic change in the lifestyle of drug addicts.

by Geetika Goyal