Influences affecting our career choices

Choosing a career is like riding a roller coaster ride. Isn’t it? And we all have encountered or are going to experience this swashbuckling ride. When numerous enticing career options are presented before you, it is natural to get bemused whether to grasp the job-oriented career or to explore the field of your interest and skills. At that juncture choosing an appropriate career, holds the utmost importance in our lives and while choosing a career you are exposed to multifarious influences that simultaneously dominate your choices. These influencers rejig your choices and play a prominent role in your choices.

Peer group is considered one of the most prominent influencers of your career choices. Many of us spend most of our time giggling, mingling, and enjoying ourselves with our friends and classmates. Their thought process and the decision often leave an imprint on your choices. Their company can either lead and guide you to an appropriate career or can deter you to choose an appropriate career. Thus, the company of your peer group plays a significant role in your career choices.

Secondly, we all are living in a techno-savvy world, exposed to numerous platforms of social media. We all are surrounded by numerous gadgets that have made us vulnerable to varied social media influencers. Either social media can act as a means of exhibiting the talents and skills, to gain knowledge or it can astray you from your interest and talent. It wholly hinges on an individual whether to exhort oneself to hone their skills through varied platforms of social media or to get distracted in the ostentatious and glittery world.

Lastly, proper encouragement from your parents and social recognition also acts as active influencer while choosing your career. The liberal environment and backing by your parents aggrandize the communication and mitigate the gap between you and your parents. Their appreciation and support stimulate you to pursue your passion. Moreover, social recognition and honour exhort an individual to work with determination. Thus, the backing from parents and society holds crucial Importance in your career choices.

To crown it all, choosing a career is one of the important phases of our life. Your ambition, plans, and goals pivot on your career choices, so the process of choosing a career should not be done hastily. The pros and cons of every decision should be identified and recognized before implementing it.

By Darshika Moondra