Medical treatment is not enough for depression

“Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain but it is more common and harder to bear.”

However today it is more common, according to WHO 1 out of every 5 people in India may be suffering from depression. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Depression can hit you at any stage of life. Even the brightest of people like Jim Carrey, J.K. Rowling, Deepika Padukone, Brad Pitt, Princess Diana, Michael Phelps, and many more who look happy most of the time have battled depression at some point in their lives but with their will and determination they have won this battle and so can you.

Modern medical science defines depression as prolonged sadness of over 2-3 weeks. Though depression isn’t sadness it is emptiness, it is misery. It is as real as any physical disease. It seems as if you have fallen into a bottomless pit where there is no hope of light. But not everything is what it seems. No matter how bad you think your depression is, it can be cured completely just if you bring about some discipline in your life.

Medical treatments are beneficial. You should consult a doctor immediately. Also, Psychotherapy, or talk therapy, can be highly effective for depression. Depending on the type of therapy, it may help people: identify negative thoughts and replace them with positive or constructive ones, find coping strategies, learn problem-solving techniques, set goals, understand the effects of their life experiences and relationships and identify issues that contribute to depression.

In addition to this, you can do many things on your own. The first step for this is to decide that you want to get over this illness. In addition, to just open, accept, and love yourself and what you’re going through. Give yourself the grace to accept that while some days will be difficult, some days will also be great. Try to look forward to tomorrow’s fresh start. Reward yourself after completing every task no matter big or small. Try new things which you love. Talk to others that can be your parents, siblings, friends, or anyone. Just don’t keep things within you let them flow. Keep a diary or a journal with you and write about anything and everything whatever work you did on that day. Mention all the good qualities of yours in that and appreciate yourself for that. Praise yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself. Also, write about all your negative emotions on a piece of paper and throw that inside the dustbin, burn that piece of paper, or whatever you feel to do with that piece of paper. Listen to positive podcasts, and surround yourself with positive people.

Do meditation whenever you find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts. Go outside feel the fresh air and relax. Try to exercise to keep your body fit and healthy. Physical activity can release endorphins that improve mood, and research indicates that exercise is effective in treating the symptoms of major depression. Eat a balanced diet as Food has a significant effect on mood and mental health. Deficiencies in some nutrients, including Omega-3s and Iron, have links to depression. Every day, try scheduling at least a few minutes of relaxation time. Relaxing means different things for different people. Some options include: watching movies or shows, watering plants, reading a book, listening to music, or spending quality time with family. Also, take enough sleep neither excessive nor less.

To maintain recovery from depression, it is essential to treat mental health in the same way as physical health — by working on it on an ongoing basis.

Follow these simple steps and you will feel better.

by Nikita Negi