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Counselling had changed the lives of people in a greater aspect by solving the difficulties faced. As the pandemic is going on, it is difficult for all the students to make decisions regarding their future. Due to the quarantine, we saw several cases of depression going among people and demanded counsellors. There are so many challenges  faced in counselling related to  

How do convince students to talk more? 

Covid -19 Impacting students for taking decisions.

We find many students hesitating from their parents to talk about what is rooted in their hearts and they didn’t want to share what troubles them consequently resulting in Depression. Convincing students to feel free to talk about their problems is the major challenge faced by counsellors. The fear of the rumours affects students a lot due to which they hesitate or feel low to share their views. It is necessary to talk to them and give them the right direction, convincing them which has become a task for counsellors.  Increasing morale and self-esteem can somehow work. 

Explaining people to control themselves:  

Teacher Scolding Students being wrong but  students seem to be egoistic :

As nowadays people are becoming too egoistic and full of anger. It has become a  challenge to handle people with different emotions and explain them appropriately. It can be seen anywhere like between a teacher and a  college student. Like a teacher scolding his student for being wrong, they started feeling that their ego is being hurt and started behaving badly. So, it is important to have a good relationship between counsellors and their clients. Handling different emotions and anger must be needed. It is the balance maintained by the counsellors between anger and forgiveness. 

How to handle marital problems?

Due to differences in opinion, there are marital problems in the life of peeps even having 2-3  children and the people start approaching the counsellors. In such cases, Counsellors seem to handle the situation with difficulty as there is pressure to resolve their problems for a healthy future for their children. Trying to find out ways to make them calm and mutually take the right decisions.  

So, these are some challenges that are faced during counselling and it’s necessary to work on them. 

by Geetika Goyal

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